Class Schedule Information

*수업내용: Class Information

— 한국 창작무용 (Korean Modern Dance)

–한국 전통무용 (Korean Traditional Dance)

–한국 음악 (Korean Traditional Music Arts)

–장고 , 북,삼고무, 두드락 (두드림+ Rock = 두드락) , 진도북,사물놀이 (Various Korean Drum Instrumental)

–가야금 (Gayageum/ Korean Harp)

*수업분류: Class Tier/ Type of Class

— 한국무용 취미반:성인반 (Korean Hobby Dance: Adult Class)

–한국무용 전문 무용단: 전공자, 3 년이상 무용 수료자 ( Korean Dance Company: Dance Major, 3 Years Experience)

— 한국무용 초등부: 초등학생 (Korean Performing Arts: Kindergarten- Elementary School )

–한국 무용 중/고등부반: 중학생, 고등학생 (Korean Performing Arts: Junior High/High School)

  • 주류사회 공연 (Local/ Surrounding Community Performances)
  • 대통령상 (Presidential Volunteer Service Award, District Recognition Award)
  • 봉사시간 (Community Service Recognized: Hours)

* 수업 시간표 (Class Scheduled Slots)

* 토요일 (Sat)은 공연및 행사 관계로 크라스가 없습니다. (Due to Performances being on Saturday, there are no Saturday Classes currently being held.)

— 사정상, 수업이 변경 될수도 있으니 , 자세한 사항은 문의해 주세요.

— (In the case that Class Schedules may be adjusted; please contact the listed number below for confirmation)

— Tel : 909-975-9997

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